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I guide those struggling with physical and emotional pain flow into function and ease of symptoms.

Hi! I am Jen Uschold. I am an outpatient PT who embraces a diverse and whole body approach with clients. Function and enjoying a passionate life are an integral part of my practice. I use a variety of treatment techniques to assist clients in reaching their goals.

Pain science is an area of specialization along with Functional Manual Therapy. Health and Wellness Coaching is another skill I use to help clients be their best selves.

Mental Fitness Coaching also complements physical therapy and pain science.

In addition to treating clients, I also teach Pain Science and Lifestyle Medicine with Evidence In Motion. I enjoy teaching both the community and professional providers in many areas including Mental Fitness, Health and Wellness, Pain Science, Lifestyle Medicine, and the integration of these approaches.

I am also honored to be the Program Director for Evidence in Motion's Lifestyle Medicine Certification.

Most recently, I have added a new offering of Divorce Mediation preparation. This is a holisitc approach for preparing for mediation in a way that encompasses my 30 + years of experience of leanring, exposure and curiosity. So much more to a thorough preparation in addition to documents and financials!

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